1. Acapella

From the recording Passion & Anguish

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My name is Sassin
I spit wit pain but females still feel it like contractions
I'm deep I bring emotions out my fans they catch they tears wit a napkin
And that's from rappin
But I don't consider myself a rapper
I'm an artist a lyricist that been through shit that would make most y'all fold
And smack ya momma for allowing you to enter this world
You see this world is all corruption, not far from destruction
So it's my call to reinvent the wheel like a car in production
You could never live in my home or walk in my shoes
If you try ima burn ya house down give you a new construction now you need some rooms
Clean the junk out ya attic here take this broom
Talking skeletons in ya closet, the lint in ya wallet
You need a deposit, you want a wife that's exotic
And if you don't get it you gon breakdown and curl up like a bitch
Cuz you think ya life been demolished
Well let me explain
You see there's people worse off I'm talking before slavery was abolished
I know what y'all thinking that's old right but you see that's never old
Instead of stealing us from Africa letting us sit in our own shit chained up
They cage us in prison for crimes we ain't commit and let the innocence fuck our brain up
And the crimes we did commit, misdemeanor type shit
3 strikes they giving us life that's like a run on sentence you see it never ends
So it's time to begin
I'm on a mission to use this written script to show you how
I'm hitting many avenues that you been afraid to mention
You scared of how people will perceive your thoughts
So you act like you can't understand the comprehension
So Ima put y'all in school in time out that's called in school suspension
Do your homework
My ammunition is ambition, i got the weapon the blade but I never been bitten
I use the way I'm spittin' to grasp your attention to bring real hip-hop back this is total collision
Beats and the rhymes, rhymes and the beats
Ima change the whole fuckin world by putting Sassin in the streets
Let's Go