From the recording Passion & Anguish

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So addictive so explicit
Take a ride wit me now you a witness
I'm like heaven when you first try me
And you keep coming back thinking damn why me
You keep putting ya self through the heart break
Brain spaced out thinking how much can the body take, I cost a lot of money to some I'm very funny
But I'm never a joke try me I'll be ya best buddy
We can do everything together, take a break at work and we can be together
I keep ya mind sharp even when we're apart, once we become friends there's no ending to our start
We like soul mates even life partners, you see I never stay single no I'm not a bachelor
And I was born so many years ago, but I’m still living tryna fuck every human possible
It's so methodical I'm the best chemist, in the meth form I'll beat ya ass leave a blemish
Face fucked up yea you a different person now, but I'm so good to you feel like you can't quit now
Money getting low you cant even pay the rent now, how much destruction to ya body will you allow
How much pain to your family will you demonstrate, how many times will you eat from the demons plate
Now Ima white girl have ya nose snorted up, cook me wit da baking soda in that house boarded up
Just call me crack ya teeth mine I attack, the best weight loss machine I'm better than all the racks
At the gym you think you there so you hallucinate, you look like death skinny death you can't keep the weight
I'll make you sell everything every fuckin thing you got, make you sell your car for the price of a cooking pot
Make you think I'm chasing you you jumping out of windows
And I keep calling you crack you hear the echoes, you a slave to the dopeman you'll suck his dick for me
For one hit of me but to you it's worth the fee, ya life mine you lost I'm keeping all control
Now you locked up undercover cop on patrol, get clean in prison then released on parole
Then you take another hit brain back on the scroll, and you can stop it feeling like automatic
Can't put a thought together brain seeing all static, you on rock bottom stealing acting all erratic
Family hurt as hell emotional and all dramatic, now to my other form some people call me hero wane
But I like to call myself hero living in ya veins, my victims share needles lot of times passing me and AIDS
Y'all really a slave to me but i don't need da chains, cuz I'm so potent keep coming back like a rodent
To all ya life problems I'm known as the potion, I'll give you a quick fix like a quick cure
But when you come down that's when you feel the pain sure, so you fiend and lust for me even more
And I keep fucking you I treat you just like my whore, my abuse emotional, spiritual, physical
So now ya problems mentally, faithfully, and medical, I do damage fuck up many lives as a chemical
You betta go to rehab and hope it's dependable, my abuse emotional, spiritual, physical
So now ya problems mentally, faithfully, and medical, I do damage fuck up many lives as a chemical
You betta go to rehab and hope it's dependable, you betta hope it’s dependable

Ah you can overcome anything if you put your mind to it and have some spring
Revert from the fall back, take the addiction and kick it where it's ball at
Go to the meetings at the facilities, trust me they enhance the ability
To quit say fuck drugs you don't even need them,when you clean for a year take that as a win
Lean on your family they don't wanna see you drown
Keep pushing forward and remember that you been down
Under water no breath and yea you even died, but you been reborn spanked and you even cried
Be grateful everyone doesn't get a chance, use your joy enjoy life take the next happy dance

Addiction is just a restriction, it prevents you from reaching your full potential
But just remember if you feel like you hit rock bottom that's no time to give up, it's time to look up and realize There's so much more for you, keep pushing