From the recording Passion & Anguish

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You ever feel like you on top of the world, and nothing can stop the joy in your life?
The happiness fills your body, and at the same time, you ever feel like your life is over
And you experiencing so much pain, you can't take no more
I want you to be a passenger on this journey, this journey of passion and anguish

Ugh god I'm tired of going through this
Ugh what the fuck ahhhhhhhhh
Ugh I'm so sick of this

Ahhhh what are you doing?

People say one thing but they really do another
But don't be fooled by the undercover cheating lover
All is good until you wanna hold hands in public
You feeling like you left your Powerball right at Publix
So the jackpot never traveled wit you
I'm thinking true commitment fear might be the issue
People quick to runaway and always dismiss you
But when you back on top then they wanna say they miss you
You miss what? You thinking that you miss me
When I was on the bottom everybody tried to diss me
Now I'm on the top throwing money like a Frisbee
Exes mad as fuck cuz they feeling so empty
Niggas mad as fuck cuz they just wanna envy
Mindset 6th grade that's so elementary
I'm moving forward and y'all niggas stuck stationary
Artillery the squad TME military
Back to the real cuz I'm tired of the fakeness
Grew up in a state where some cribs had basements
I seen what crack did and how it changed niggas faces
Make em lose teeth can't be saved by braces
Fuck it state of mind that's my fuck it mind state not known to think ahead so Sassin procrastinates
Not impressed easy basic shit don't fascinate, let's talk about this money nigga time for me to calculate
Passion and anguish deep pain is the language can't put all my eggs in rap time for a lane switch
Time to educate niggas outta town Cambridge I make music for the love never sweating fame shit
I can rap hard, or I can rap conscious these niggas nowadays just spitting on that nonsense
Nonsense, that means it don't make sense, but these niggas got fans so they make more cents
Molly this fuck that let's get back to the alley rap
Where niggas spit in a cypher beat-box member that
Make music for a fan that lost a mom from Heart attack
Dumbing down for a check I'm never a part of that
I write every single verse like it's my last
Cuz I don't wanna leave this world and leave my fans wit some trash
That's like leaving this world ya kids don't have cash
You gotta stay strong to survive this fuckin life crash
My life is like a movie I'm acting I'm directing
The beat is like science class so I'm dissecting
I'm bringing real bars back hip hop resurrecting
But you don't wanna hear me though that's what I'm suspecting
I live like a boss, U live like a moth
Flying around tryna steal a nigga cloth
I see u from a far like my wife's lips wit some gloss
Every man every woman thinking they can be a boss
But you ain't qualified add to your resume
Don't wait til I'm famous to wanna be a friend of me
Just keep it real you wanna be Sassin's protege, but niggas wanna act bitch and be a lil hoe today