Self xXxplicit: Hip-hop artist, Co-President of Track Monstaz Emtertainment

DaShawn Terrell Chavis (born March 3rd, 1988), better known by his stage name Self-xXxplicit is a upcoming underground hip hop artist. Chavis was born to Ernestine Chavis & William Faison in Newark, NJ, better known as Brick City but raised in East Orange, NJ better known as IllTown or Beast Orange. Chavis was a accomplished student when he was a kid despite growing up around the gang life and even being affiliated (although not involved) with the Double i (Queen Street) Bloods of D.T.H. (Down The Hill) section of East Orange. Although it seemed he had a decent life it was very difficult and tough for him but he got through it. Chavis has always been in love with music since he was a child and besides 2Pac, Biggie, Ice Cube, DMX, & LL Cool J, he has always been influenced to pursue a career in rap or R&B by many of the top New Jersey rappers like Naughty By Nature, The Fugees, Akon, Queen Latifah, Redman & Others, along with many artist from the west and south. He began his pursuit of his rap career after meeting his best friend Sid Jackson (aka Sid Money aka Royal Assassin) who had his own rap group by the name of New Royalte. At first Chavis stage name was Da Infamous D-Nice but due to the incredibly large number of people with that nickname he decided to change his name. Under his D-Nice name DaShawn began his career. At first it was obvious he was new to the whole writing and recording job but Jackson did not knock him down but kept working with him. Chavis then started recording for Jackson’s first solo mixtape, “Royal Assassin’s Legacy” where he was on three tracks. Chavis seen that his writing skills and flow had grown and gotten much better. Chavis is still attending college and is currently the President and A&R for Jackson’s Track Monstaz Entertainment Hip Hop Label and is working on many projects for the New Royalte group and his own personal projects. Along with graduating from college, Chavis’s goal is helping build the Track Monstaz Empire, help make New Royalte be a elite group in Music, help other young artist out of New Jersey get starts, and help Jackson and the other members on being continuous CREATORS OF QUALITY MUSIC

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Time and Time Again(single)

Jerzey Anthem